• Stefan Woskowiak

    Game Programming / Game Design / Web Development

  • About Me

    My name is Stefan Woskowiak, and I write code. To be more specific I was classically trained in C++ for game devlopment and since then have expanded into modern web development. I have been an active member of the IGDA since 2007 and regularly participate in the local IGDA chapter social nights. I also helped found and run NYCGI where I am an editor and event organizer. I am also the founder of a free-formed game project studio that was active from 2009-2010 called Nocturnal Minds where we gave people a place to learn and work on simple game projects for experience. I started doing web development in 2010 where I specialized in front-end development using javascript/jQuery and php to create highly interactive sites using modern design that scaled down and operated on browsers down to IE7.

    On my off time I am an avid gamer and lover of NYC nightlife (looking at you Barcade).

  • Global Game Jam Games

    I am an active participant in the annual Global Game Jam since it's inception in 2009. The following projects are all things I have had a major part in creating and each have been made in under 48 hours. Click on each one to learn more and play them!

    • Golem
    • Extinction
    • Reverser
    • Twelve

  • Misc

    Before I started web development I created a google pages site to track progress and archive some of the work I did during/after college. Here are some links to some of my old works.